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Who we are

BBX is a solutions provider that helps businesses manage cash flow and gain new customers.

Established in 1993, we are a B2B community builder with a focus on the customer experience using digital credits as settlements for trade transactions.

How the BBX Platform Works

BBX acts as a third party record keeper for the trusted digital credit known as the BBX Trade Credit. Its members use this trade credit to settle transactions on the platform. In doing so it allows the value of each item traded to have its worth recorded and upheld in a BBX trade credit account.

Therefore the advantages to the business owner, is that they can use this value with other members

In the network, this assists them to manage cash flow and gains new clients.

The BBX Trade Credit

The accounting unit used to settle trade transactions on the BBX Digital Trading Platform, recognised and accounted for in taxation reporting.

Countries of Operation

Countries of operation include China, Australia, England, Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Costa Rica, South Korea and Thailand.



Visit us: http://www.bbxworld.com/

Contact us at nzadmin@bbxworld.com