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Apex Auto Painters & Panel Beater Ltd
Apex Auto Painters & Panel Beater Ltd  was established in 1990 and serve in wide Auckland Region.
f9db5376-f06e-4c30-bcde-7b2f7933fe22➷ Services:
Painting | Buffing | Remodeling | Restoration | Enameling | Fleet Services | Detailing | Colour Matching | Removal | Towing
Parts: Rims | Bumpers | Grilles | Windscreens | Doors
SKN Bros Automotive
SKN Bros Automotive  specialises in automotive operation who possesses the ability to deliver reliable servicing and repairs to most vehicle makes and models at an affordable rate.
d98da77b-de6b-4b34-8406-49c8756c5f70➷ Services:
Automotive servicing, repairs and mechanics | Automotive Brake Repair |  Auto Electrical
Caltex Workshop

Caltex Workshop  offers car service repair, warrant of fitness (WOF), tuning, computer diagnostics and more. We repair all makes and models of cars, 4WD, vans and small trucks. We are MTA approved and qualified so you are ensured that your vehicle repair is of the highest standard.
f162e5ad-83f0-433d-9cdb-e83dd9dae8c1➷ Services:
Air Conditioning Services | Automatic Transmission Flush | Battery service and | Replacement | Brakes | Cambelts & Fan belts | Carburetors | Coolant Systems | Diesel Servicing | Electrical Systems |Engine Repair | Fleet Maintenance | Lube and Oil Change | Mufflers & Exhaust Systems | Power Steering flush | Radiators | Steering & Suspension | Tune Ups | Tyres | Wheel Alignments | Warrant of Fitness (W.O.F) | Pre-Holiday Vehicle Check | Pre-Purchase Vehicle Check
Eden Autos

Eden Autos  is one of the most trusted Automobiles service centres in Auckland. We are located in the suburb of Avondale. Dedication, commitment to quality service, high level of professionalism and product dependability and competitive prices are reasons that underlie our success.
2f5601d5-5fc4-4891-ba01-574880403c56➷ Services:
General Services: WOF & Repairs | Pickup & Dropoff | 24/7 Road Services |  Courtesy Car | Tyre Services | Batteries | Patch Rubber
Electrical Services | Mechanical Services | Electronic Services | Panel & Paint Services | Cat &Tyre Sales
Hibiscus Coast Panelbeater
Hibiscus Coast Panel Beaters  work with all the major insurance companies for doing the repair work, which speaks volumes about the Trust, Workmanship, Reliability, and Professionalism that we have come to be known for.
4c1da0f8-18a5-4edc-aec1-e117581d4bd9➷ Services:
Panel Beating | Motorhomes / Caravan Repairs | Boat Repainting | Head Light Repairs | Furniture Respray | Colour Matching | Full Restore | Rust Repair | Spray Painting | Rental Cars/Courtesy Cars | Coast Car Detailers | Complimentary vehicle grooming on every car repairs
House of Boost
At  House of Boost   Geoffery started his apprenticeship in 1988 with a strong interest in performance, which led him to have a wide interest in varied cars makes and models. And now his is happy with our BBX friends to provide his professional and reliable services.
c5eaa7f9-268b-4f5e-80ea-6ba89813b2c6➷ Services:
Dyno tuning | Diagnostic | Brakes | Link Wire in ECU’s Thunder | Link Wire in ECU’s | Storm/Xtreme/Fury | Link Wire in ECU’s Atom/Monsoon | Link ECU with free tuning | Pre-Dyno tune checks
Kiwiden Autos Panel & Paint
Kiwiden Autos   is one of the most trusted Automobile services centres. We are dedicated and committed to quality service, a high level of professionalism and product dependability, plus we provide competitive prices – these are just some of the reasons that underlie our success in the auto industry.
a3a3235f-cf3c-4476-ba5f-7ae90b4c245f➷ Services:
Electric services | Electronic services | Full vehicle services | General services | Mechanical services | Panel & Paint services
Mowbray Automotive
Mowbray Automotive   has been committed to providing the highest quality automobile repair service at affordable prices. We have established our business on sound ethical and moral principles. Our business focuses on customer service, and your satisfaction is paramount.
02c1e672-3eba-4198-ab7e-f5c16141ae09➷ Services:
WOF | Servicing | Cam belt replacement | Clutch replacement | CV joints/boots | Brakes | Tyres | Batteries | Shock Absorbers | Diagnostics | Fabrication | Repair finance
Neels Automotive Ltd
Neels Automotive Ltd   are having experienced mechanics that can provide solution to any general automotive maintenance query you might have. We specialise in providing our customers with service in the areas of brake and clutch problem, brake fluid replacement, exhaust problem, transmission flushing, antifreeze services and wheel alignment. . There is no job too big or too small for us. We are honest, reliable and ensure quality in the service we provide our customers.
ce83cd46-94dc-4ee2-b2cc-f1296c277265➷ Services:
Auto Mechanic | WOF | Brake & Clutch | Brake Fluid Replacement | Electronic Diagnostic | Transmission Flushing | Antifreeze Services | Wheel Alignment | Courtesy Cars
PanelWorks Ltd
PanelWorks Ltd   are offering you quality panel beater services and auto repairs in Auckland.  Our equipment and repairs must meet the set industry standards so you can have peace of mind in knowing that the repairs done to you car are what you expect them to be.
46b60cbd-2582-473f-addb-0c764e940285➷ Services:
Auto Repairs | Insurance Repairs | Paint Restoration | Collision Repairs | Panel Beaters
Pro Wash Car Groomers
Prowash Car Groomers   are professional full hand car wash based in New Lynn, offering you the most excellent  car grooming services with greatest reputation and recommendations in Auckland. Our services range from basic vac and wash to a full professional sparkling car groom. Best care for your car.
0cc954bc-8270-4e79-b9d4-6d867a39d260➷ Services:
Car Wash | Car Groom Services
Quattro Auto
Quattro Auto  offers complete vehicle servicing and mechanical repairs at affordable prices. We have a strong heritage in servicing European cars, however we now service just as many Japanese-made vehicles. We have a reputation of providing outstanding personal service and quality workmanship. You can trust us to service and repair your vehicle.
f8c24844-2830-40f5-a7d6-4618f0da5afb➷ Services:
Lube King oil and fluid changes | Service and Tune Ups | Breaks and Clutches
Air Conditioning Repairs | Complete Computer Diagnostics
Power Steering Repairs | Automatic Transmission | Batteries | Tyres
Suspension Work | Electrical Systems | Radiator Repairs
Silverdale Auto Services
Silverdale Auto Services  is the specialist automotive operation company that possesses the ability to deliver high standard servicing and repairs to all vehicle makes and models at an affordable rate.
2606a72e-24d3-48e7-82b5-f9960d874d4b➷ Services:
Tyres and Installation | Car Cleaning | Valet Service | Automotive servicing, repairs and mechanics | Automotive Brake Repair |  Auto Electrical
Sparg’s Auto Tune
Sparg’s Auto Tune offers a wide range of fleet servicing and vehicle maintenance for small to large businesses.  We service both petrol and diesel vehicles, most makes and models.  We’ll make sure you are driving a safe reliable vehicle.
80fe80af-d890-40f0-ae93-8b440a784a3f➷ Services:
Fuel system services | Muffler and Exhaust system/ repairs | Airconditioning & Services | Brake drum & disc Machining | Major engine rebuilds | Fitment / supply towbars | Vehicle Recovery | General Electrical Repairs | Auto Transmission Flushing and Service | Clutch Overhaul and Manual Gearbox repairs | Power Steering Service & Repairs | Engine Major & | Minor Tuning | ABS & Airbag Faults | Emmission Testing | Wheel alignment | New Tyres | Warrant of Fitness & repairs | Diesel & Petrol Servicing | Cooling Systems Flush & Repairs | Check & Repairs | Alternators | AA Batteries sold here
Vehicle Grooming Services
Vehicle Grooming Services offers a superior clean (inside and out) in Whakatane. Enquire BBX to book a polish and detail for your vehicle. We ensure you the best possible presentation and price.
0084623d-fbe8-4476-8a36-f537dadfa7ed➷ Services:
Full Interior Detail | Paint Protection | Cut & Buff | Full Exterior Detail | Engine Clean | Fabric Protection
Vehicle Paint Detailers
Vehicle Paint Detailers offers all sorts of Auto batteries for cars, alarms, marines, car accessories and auto services.
d5f2404b-1c40-4c13-bcce-ea50d634ec56➷ Services:
Auto Services | Batteries | Car Accessories
Albion Wholesale Vehicle
Albion Wholesale Vehicle is a car vehicle warehouse based in Auckland distrubuting vehicles to the public at the best prices possible. We choose only the best used cars for New Zealand. By dealing directly with us, you get to cut out the middle-man and buy your used car at a genuine wholesale price. You save time, and money when you deal with us directly. We also have finance options available.
1d8bbcb1-da18-4cc5-aca9-64a0c6515913➷ Services:
Used Cars | Auto Sales | Vehicle Wholesale
Dave Metcalfe Panel Beaters

Dave Metcalfe Panel Beaters  specialize in auto body repairs, collision repairs and automotive paint repairs. We have a collective experience of over 60 years and have been serving the local community with all their auto repair and restoration needs.
We specialise in rust repairs & collision repairs.
ea1177ac-9eca-4b26-8911-53cd396192df➷ Services:
Collision Repair | Restoration | Custom Paint Work | Boats, Trailers & Trucks | Rust Repair | Insurance Repair | WOF | COF | Car Buff
Rob’s Auto Spray

Rob’s Auto Spray  specialize in repaints, touch ups and panel repairs. We are producing quality paintwork and colour matching in Rotorua.
df869999-a533-4364-8de8-fcc9f3476ad5➷ Services:
Auto Painting & Bodywork | Panel Beaters
Finishing | Airbrushing | Rustproofing | Paint Protection | Glazing | Touch-ups | Detailing | Colour Matching | Buffing
AJS Autos Ltd

AJS Autos Ltd specialize in cheap car rentals, tyre services and punture repairs . In our Invercargill workshop, we have solutions in finding just the right Tyres and Rental Cars with well guranteed price to meet your individual needs.
e3b85e87-c89d-491a-bc3c-49662187af07➷ Services:
Second Hand Ryres | Cheap Car Rentals | Puncture Repairs
Automotive Brands Ltd
Automotive Brands Ltd is the largest privately owned and operated battery wholesaler in the South Island of New Zealand. With over 50 years experience in supplying wholesale batteries and accessories we have a proven record for customer service and the ability to source the best products available from suppliers worldwide.
We proudly carry and distribute the Zeus Heavy Duty Battery at Automotive Brands Limited
We deliver across the South Island!
43518fb6-69e9-49e4-9536-13fdef8d8bf2➷ Services:
Zeus Heavy Dury Battery
Batteries For: Cars | European vehicles | Trucks | Motorhomes | Marine (Jet skis included) | Deep cycle | Vintage cars | Motorcycles | Sealed (golf carts, toys, electric wheelchairs, electric powered motorbikes, electric powered cars, mobility scooters, electric & ride-on mowers etc)
A full three-year warranty against manufacturing defects | Recycling ability
Products from: NARVA Automotive Lighting and Electrical Ltd & Projecta


Hilton Garage

Hilton Garage is where you could expect a professional, reliable and high quality service when you bring your vehicle. We offer a wide range of services including, vehicle servicing, fuel injection flushing, fault finding, power steering flushing, coolant and anti freeze servicing, auto trans flushing, air conditioning, ABS brakes & fluid change, engine tuning & repairs, timing belts and W.O.F.
3e53812c-a948-4ad2-a467-91c4b56ec89c➷ Services:
Auto Repair& Service | Auto Air Conditioning | Auto Engineer | Mechanical
AAA Parts World
AAA Parts World  are Automotive Dismantlers providers, specialising in providing a good range of second-hand and after-market new automotive part, with great local and friendly service. We can get the parts for all your needs!
712fa6e3-c72f-414f-bc20-21b9b8c48cce➷ Services:
Parts: Gearboxes | Camshafts | Bumpers | Alternators | Starters | Shocks & Struts | Brakes | Body Panels | Headlights | Taillights | Radiators
CJ Autospray
Hawke’s Bay
CJ Autospray offers proficient panel beating and a wide range of solutions for vehicles that require accident repair. We aim to work as fast and effectively as possible to ensure you get back on the road. And we combine innovative equipment with our skilled team to deliver the best outcome.
6db61624-538c-4e6b-9582-f0dfe79d4508➷ Services:
Reliable Spray Painting | Quick Spray Painting | Easy Panel Beating | Fast Plastic Welding | Windscreen Repairs | Insurance Claim Help
Oxford Gas
Oxford Gas  supply an extensive tyre range at our service station.
Self Cars
Self Cars  has got your vehicle servicing, car repairs and panel and paint needs covered. From car servicing, car repairs, warrant of fitness, brakes, exhausts and mufflers, shock absorbers and tyres, and more. Whether your paint is scratched or your caravan has a dent, no job is too big or too small. Our highly trained technicians will ensure your vehicle is restored.
f3ddf142-22fd-4694-93e7-5997a7b6355c➷ Services:
Auto Mechanic | Panel Beaters | Warrant of Fitness | Auto Body Repair | Rental Cars
McCrostie Parts & Machinery

McCrostie Parts & Machinery, located in  the heart of Central Otago, offer an extensive range of products & services, meeting our clients individual needs. We are the authorised agents, and provide sales and service for the following main suppliers.
Husqvarna  | TYM Tractors | FieldMaster
Tow and Mow | Silvan Products | K’A’RCHER  | Solo
f14b2415-64a0-49f8-84fe-c34458c25bf8➷ Services:
Service Workshop | On-farm mobile services truck | In- house mechanics equipment
Dealer | Comprehensive range of accessories, parts, equipment for local agriculture, horticulture, engineering and transport industries.


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